Apple closes Shazam acquisition, takes music tagging service ad-free

One thing which Apple officially announced with the music tagging service is Shazam. Hence by confirming plans, the company buys in December 2017 wherein which Apple announced the deal closed removing ads from the service.

Hence with a long history of together being where Shazam with one of the first apps launched at the App Store became favourite fans everywhere. Previously Shazam offered two versions: a free version with ads and a paid “Encore” version without ads. Thus Apple presumably integrates Shazam closer with Apple Music and Siri in future.

With Siri long relied on Shazam recognizes music with a licensing agreement.  The feature does not work automatically. Thus without asking Siri names the tune.  There are changes when Apple owns the service, hence controls the whole privacy stack.

One thing Shazam includes is a feature display lyrics to songs in real-time.  It is not just as a text reference, but something Apple Music not matched yet. Apple says Shazam downloaded with more than 1 billion times, hence currently tags around 20 million songs each day.

With the acquisition closing sooner, not for months-long is with a regulatory investigation in Europe, ends ultimately with no conditions set. Thus regulators concern Apple Music with an unfair advantage. Hence Apple controls Shazam.

Thus Shazam promotes both Apple Music and Spotify identified songs. With the possibility of Apple axing, the Spotify integration owns the music tagging service. The Android apps are safe likely, however, as Apple Music’s offers on Google’s mobile operating system. Thus Shazam rolled into Apple Music as such happens.