Apple comes up with new iPhone 6s Ads starring Stephen Curry and Jamie Foxx

Apple has come out with three new iPhone 6s television ads called The Camera, Crush and Flip a coin. These ads continue to highlight Apple’s campaign “the only thing that’s changed is everything”, concentrating on the improved functionality of the cameras and hands-free “Hey Siri” feature on iPhone 6s.

The Camera is a one-minute ad, showing new iPhone 6s camera features along with, 3D Touch, Retina Flash, Live Photos and 4K video recording. The ad features 1080 HD slow-mo video recording in which groups of people are taking selfies with the improved 5-megapixel FaceTime camera. Stephen Curry, an American professional basketball player who plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA) gives a cool touch the ad.

The rest two ads Crush and Flip a coin are starring actor, Jamie Foxx. Crush is a short fifteen-second ad in which, Foxx is demonstrating the hands-free Siri feature. While dressing up and looking at the mirror he asks, “Hey Siri, how do I look,” to which Siri responds, “Judging from your voice, I’d say you must be fairly attractive.” The ad shows how ‘Hey Siri’ feature can be used hands-free smoothly.

Flip a coin is a fifteen-second ad in which Foxx wants to choose between two movie scripts in his hand, and eventually says “Hey Siri, flip a coin.” Siri responds with “Tails” and Foxx says “sci-fi western it is.”

These ads are a high maintenance for Apple, at the same time, does Apple need more celebrities to make their ads look cooler?