Apple aiming to conserve battery life in Bluetooth Devices

Apple Bluetooth

Battery is an important part of every electronic device. It drives your device and once it is drained, you go through the hassle of recharging it or replacing it, wishing your battery had a longer life.

This may soon be a reality. Apple are investigating methods and possibilities that can enable users to power-off Bluetooth enabled devices by pushing just one button on one device to configure or disable many other devices.

Apple planned to publish a new patent that has been entitled as “Automatic Power-Off of Bluetooth Device from Linked Device”. Apple plans that the system should be such the user would turn off one device and other devices connected to it would get turned off on their own. This would conserve the life and energy of battery and save users from the worry of remembering to turn of devices after use.

Many times people make calls from devices like Bluetooth enabled headset. Often they forget to turn it off after the call is over. This creates pressure on battery and drains it fast. With Automatic power off, this would not be the case. If launched, Automatic off would save not only the battery of device but also the time of the user.

So are you ready to for “Automatic Off” and battery longevity? Discuss your ideas about Automatic Off in the comments section below.

Source: Apple Insider

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