Apple continues with focusing on Apple News – hired former Conde Nast Executive

With continued focus expanding on Apple News, where Apple hired a former Condé Nast, Executive serving News Team. Hence, the Information reported Apple hired Liz Schimel, a former president of Condé Nast in China.

Schimel’s role at Apple, is one according to her LinkedIn page, is the “head of news business.” indicating that he joined Apple in July.

Prior to joining Apple, Schimel being a president of Condé Nast China, as well as an “entrepreneur-in-residence” at Comcast Ventures, served as the Chief Digital Officer for Meredith Corporation, which is a media conglomerate.

The Information reports:

Hence with the hiring being another sign of the increase of the importance of Apple’s News Operation became a significant source of traffic with media organizations at a time when Facebook places less emphasis on news. Ms. Schimel, a former president of Condé Nast China, thus being enlisted her title at Apple as “head of news business” on her LinkedIn page, along with the start date at July.

Schimel’s which hires Apple clearly states to ramp up being focused on Apple News. During this year earlier, we noted how Apple’s trends within the hiring signalled with the interest in the editorial content. With the company recently acquiring digital magazine service Texture, separated a report suggestive of Apple plans to launch a premium magazine with news subscription service within the next year.

Thus Apple differentiated with Apple News from similar service focusing on hand-curated being editorial. For instance, the company featured a dedicated section for the 2018 mid-term elections, which focuses only on “fact-based” news.