Apple Could have Taken for $4.5 Million

The Cupertino based computing giant Apple may have purchased from Xcerion for $4.5 million, according to a GigaOm report.

“Until recently, was a domain name and a storage-as-a-cloud service owned by Linkoping, Sweden-based desktop-as-a-service company, Xcerion. Xcerion’s iCloud service has just been rebranded to CloudMe, and the company acquired the domain on April 5, 2011. My source, who is familiar with the company, says that Xcerion has sold the domain to Apple for about $4.5 million.”

Reports are coming up that Apple has completed the technical side of its cloud locker and is just finalizing licensing agreements before launching the service. would definitely be a fitting domain for Apple to launch the service on.

[ Via gigaom]

[ Image courtesy thetechsnitch.blogspot]

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