Apple Wants To Crack Whip Against Non-iPhone 4S Siri Users?

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Many jailbreakers want to be the Chuck Norris of the jailbreaking world and technology world. They are competing to create jailbreaking tweaks that can make Siri work on iDevices that were released before iPhone 4S.

Obviously, Apple does not like this. A large amount of unsupported Siri users are now unable to use Siri.

Seems like Apple has started taking steps to ensure that Siri remains iPhone 4S exclusive.

Some online reports say that Apple has added a ”SetActivationToken” requirement for Siri to function properly. According to a report, Siri server users on Twitter are claiming that deleting the file located in the jaibroken iOS device’s var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ folder will fix this issue.

Because the problem can be fixed easily, at the moment, it is not clear whether this is a direct attack by Apple on non-4S Siri users. It could be a coincidence that this new token blocks unsupported access. Jailbreakers need to install Spire and set up their own SiriProxy server to make Siri run on a device older than iPhone 4S. There are speculations that this activation token might be something that would make Siri work on iPad 3 in future.

Tell us if your Siri sever is not working anymore. Did the fix mentioned here work for you?

Source: Cult Of Mac

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