Apple Takes Credit For Creating 514,000 Jobs In USA

Apple jobs in USA

In a time when so many jobs were lost due to recession and outsourcing became the monster due to the loss of American jobs to India and China, Apple turns out to be a real patriot for helping Americans by creating or supporting jobs for them.

On Friday, 2 February 2012, Apple launched a new page on their official website, showcasing the important contributions made by the makers off iPhone and iPad to the US economy, chiefly through job creation in recent years.

According to the data published by Apple, the company has been creating jobs “through innovation” at a record pace. Apple claims to have “created or supported” 514,000 U.S. jobs.

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These jobs — spread across all 50 states — include thousands of jobs in numerous industries, from the people who create components for our products to the people who build the planes and trucks that carry them to our customers.
Among the jobs “supported” by Apple innovations would be workers in Texas who manufacture processors for iOS products, Corning employees in Kentucky and New York who create the majority of the glass for iPhone, and FedEx and UPS employees, Apple says. The app revolution alone has added more than 210,000 iOS jobs to the U.S. economy since the iPhone arrived in 2007.

Apple’s innovations have created a wave of job growth and the company itself has also been hiring at a fairly impressive rate. Ten tears ago, for example, Apple had approximately 10,000 employees. Today, that number is 47,000.

You can see Apple’s new job creation page here.

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