Apple cuts BeatsX pricing and color options with still cheaper elsewhere

Apple simplified lineup of BeatsX headphones. Prior to today, the company thus have seven colour options. With W1-enabled headphones at $149.95 lined up in two colours. They are more affordable at $119.95 price point.

Despite this, the BeatsX prices changed at Apple, still finds them for less at various other retailers.

Up until today, BeatsX were available in black, silver, space grey, gold, blue, white, and a ‘Defiant’ brand option in red and black. Also with colours suggestive of silver and black.

With the addition of cutting the colour options at BeatsX, Apple has lowered the price from $149.95 to $119.95. With this being a notable price cut, BeatsX, is regularly available for less at retailers which includes Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H.

BeatsX pricing:
BeatsX at Amazon – $97.99
BeatsX at Best Buy – $90
BeatsX at B&H Photo – $99
BeatsX at Apple – $120

Much like AirPods, BeatsX powers Apple’s W1 chip, which makes to connect other Apple devices easier than traditional Bluetooth. BeatsX originally released back in February of 2017, have a popular alternative with those who do not like the fit and feel of AirPods. With the original BeatsX pricing, however, is hard to justify in comparison to the $159 AirPods.


It is unclear as to why Apple has decided to simplify BeatsX, pricing and lineup. Hence, Best Buy lists the BeatsX on clearance which not only suggests Apple, a successor with the works perhaps an updated W1 chip.