Apple Trying To Find New Methods To Detect Water Damage In iOS Devices

Water damaged iPhone

As a technology becomes advanced, one desires to find out something that can make the procedure more advanced. Now Apple is working on a new method to detect water damage to iOS devices.

Like other electronic items, most of Apple’s devices have liquid contact indicators that change colors when the device comes in contact with excessive moisture.

The problem with these indicators is that sometimes, they can change colors without ever being submerged in water. For example, even heavy humidity in atmosphere can also cause a device to appear as if it has suffered severe water damage. So Apple is looking to change things.

AppleInsider has discovered a new patent application in which, Apple has discussed a new method for detecting water damage in its mobile devices. The filing is called ‘Mechanisms for detecting exposure to water in an electronic device.’

Apple started off by explaining that vendors were not generally qualified to determine whether a device had failed due to water damage or not. This can cause two major problems. For one, devices that have suffered extreme water damage could get improperly replaced under warranty free of charge. Assuming that this would happen only happened once a week, per Apple Store, at an average of $500 per device Apple would lose around $200,000 every 7 days. The second problem is that devices that were not failing due to water damage could get denied a warranty replacement due to falsely activated indicators.

To avoid these issues, Apple suggested that an immersion detection system should be imbedded on one of the internal components of a device. Apple planned to cover this sensor in a moisture-solubable glue, which would immediately dissolve in water or other liquids.

Theoretically, this method is beneficial as Apple could build a pane into the Settings app in iOS that would reflect the status of the sensor. It would be easy to determine whether a device suffered water damage or not.

Instead of going through all this lengthy brain-storming and experiments, Apple could simply build water-proof devices as there are rumors that iPhone 5 would be water-proof. At the moment, nobody knows whether Apple would do that or not.

Source: iDownload Blog

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