Apple did you becomes a serial-killer?

Apple premium invention iPad has forced Microsoft CEO Ballmer to announce the death of next generation ‘Tablets’.

Ballmer consistently refers to the next generation of tablets as “slate PCs,” the term he used to promote a now canceled product with HP at the January CES event. So that he can rebrand the poduct intented to ditch the connation of failure attached to ‘Tablet PCs.’

Apple’s iPad instantly became the product to copy after its wildly successful launch this spring. HP is now apparently seeking to brand its upcoming webOS tablet the ‘PalmPad,’ and while RIM is similarly borrowing Apple’s product name to deliver a BlackPad.

Ballmer’s company similarly sought to hold onto mindshare among MP3 players earlier in the decade by calling them “Portable Media Players,” while Apple vacuumed up all attention in the category with its iPod brand. Microsoft finally conceded Apple’s leadership position when it relented and used the term “podcasts” within its own media playback software

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