Apple donates iPads to help disabled voters

iPad Voting for Disabled

Apple has donated an initial batch of five iPads to the State of Oregon for a trial program. This trial program aims to replace the laptops set up for disabled voters during elections.

In five counties, voting for physically challenged people will be through iPad. A new app that was developed at the cost of US $75,000 allows the voters to adjust font size on screen as par their convenience. It can read out the list of candidates and all the instructions and information if needed.

Use of laptops used to cost the State of Oregon over $ 325, 000 while the use of these iPads would cost roughly around $ 36,000. Being handy and easy to carry, election workers can easily take iPads to nursing homes, community centers and parks while searching for voters who have problem with traditional ballot paper.

The noble effort made by Apple is worth appreciation.

Source: Apple Insider

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