Apple employee kept cash in shoe boxes!

Shoe box! Yes, Apple employee has loads of money in his shoe box, which can’t be kept in his lockers. Because that money is black money and had to concealed underground or may be in a shoe box.

Such an incident took place when the Federal agents (US) found more than US$150,000 in cash when they searched the house of Apple manager Paul Devine earlier this month, who is in custody for cash kickbacks.
Devine has been in prosecution for licking out Apple’s official information like the projected sales figures, data on how much it cost Apple to produce the products, and pricing bids from supply chain competitor.
We only know that Apple Inc. has treasure of money which Steve Jobs have kept for emergency purpose but were unaware of an individual having such huge capital in the company.

Devine is going to face a civil suit from Apple later this month as sources revealed.

After this incidence Apple is surely going to keep their eye on the employees so that such situation doesn’t pop up hereafter.

Let’s see what the prosecution brings to Apple and its Manager.


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