Apple Expands To Seven-Building Sunnyvale Campus

Owing to an increase in the workforce at Apple, a new seven-building campus in Sunnyvale, CA has been leased to move in approximately 1450 Apple employees.

In the most recent expansion, Apple intends to occupy a 290,000-square-foot office complex known as Sunnyvale Crossing that is near the corner of Central Expressway and North Wolfe Road. Menlo Park-based Lane Partners bought the complex and then proceeded with a renovation to transform the decades-old buildings into a state-of-the-art office center.

Apple is believed to be listed as a tenant in one of the buildings and plans to occupy the six other buildings as well. Apple has also applied for obtaining building permit in order to do interior improvements which shall be approved by Sunnyvale’s city planning commission. Apple is on a expansion spree, alongside a new two-building Clara campus which is expected to accommodate 1200 employees and the epitome of design being the Spaceship Campus which is under construction. The spaceship campus is anticipated to be completed by 2015