Apple Extends Free iCloud Storage For MobileMe Converts Through September

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Apple has made the decision to extend its offer of free storage to MobileMe customer’s grandfathered into iCloud through 30 September 2012.

Last year Apple offered current MobileMe subscribers an additional 20GB of cloud storage on top of their current storage as an incentive to switch over from the MobileMe service which will be coming to an end on 30 June 2012. Apple recently updated their MobileMe FAQ section to reflect the policy change.

“MobileMe members with 20GB of purchased storage receive a complimentary iCloud storage upgrade of 20GB, and accounts with additional purchased storage (40GB to 60GB) receive a complimentary upgrade of 50GB after moving to iCloud. These free upgrades are good through September 30th, 2012.” — Apple

After September 2012, Apple will give former MobileME customers the option to pay for the additional storage or downgrade to the free 5GB iCloud plan. At the moment, it is not clear when Apple enacted the new policy, but the FAQ was not changed in a Google cache of the page dated April 30.

The extended grace period for converting MobileMe customers fits in with Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer’s words regarding iCloud last month.

“Our real desire here was not about selling more storage… We just really wanted to increase the customer delight.” — Oppenheimer

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