Apple fined $11.4 M in Europe throttles at iPhone – Samsung fined $5.7M

The iPhone controversy throttle is not over yet. This is with addition to DOJ and SEC investigations in the US lawsuits. Thus the company fined €10M ($11.4M) Italian government …

Reuters report the fine announced today – where one alongside for Samsung. Italy’s anti-trust watchdog on Wednesday fined Apple and Samsung with five million Euros ($5.7 million) following the complaints with the software updates slow down mobile phones. Apple hits an additional five million Euro fines, client, clears information about how things maintain or eventually replaces handset batteries […]

The anti-trust body with some Apple and Samsung firmware updates “serious dysfunction and reduced performance significantly, accelerating the process of replacing them”. Thus it added two firms not provided clients where an adequate information impacts the new software “restores the original functionality of the products”.

Consumer with both company thus uses software updates deliberately degrades performance with an effort in pushing them with buying new devices. The iPhone throttles saga with a Reddit thread. This is found apparent evidenced iOS 10.2.1 slows older phones. Geekbench developer, John Poole confirms the test results.  This is where Apple confirms what happens – taking the action for the right reasons.

However, older phones degraded battery performance shuts down unexpectedly. Our goal delivers the experience for customers, with overall performance and prolonged life of their devices.

Lithium-ion batteries thus capable of supplying peak current demands with cold conditions. This is where a low battery charge or age over time, results the device unexpectedly shuts down protecting electronic components.

Last year, with a release of a feature, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE smooth out instantaneous peak which prevents the device shutting down unexpectedly during these conditions.

We thus extend the feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, plans adds support with other products in the future. However, Apple offers battery replacements, an ability to switch off iPhone throttles if desired. The details hence find Samsung a decision, behind which is not yet revealed.