Apple gearing up for CDMA iPhones but AT&T and Verizon already primed [Wink]

Rumors are going on that Apple is planning to order a large number of CDMA chipsets. Apple has got in line to buy millions of Qualcomm chipsets because production activities to be run is expected sometime in December. The early request has started as millions of chips require months to prepare for the supply.

They have also planned to have internal insulators to prevent contact from bridging the antenna, which will also prevent earlier controversy arisen due to iPhone 4 antennae problem and that the design would be same as iPhone4.

At present all iPhone are GSM and Apple would need to start up a new separate production unit to run in order to accommodate CDMA plans. So, if Apple goes according to the plan it can attract a major chunk of customers who are not comfortable with the present AT&T plans and others who are actively avoiding the same keeping in mind about the network problem and lack of quality support issues.

Undoubtedly after this news Verizon will show its inclination towards fixing iPhone into its pocket. All the best Verizon, hope you succeed this time.

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