Apple getting serious with enterprise.

I, infact we can’t deny how popular Apple is. According to me the recent Apple event has given a boost of confidence to the company. Sources revealed that to make the programs and plans stronger Apple is now upto investing in its partner network, direct sales and support in an effort to take advantage of enterprise and small business interest in the iPad and iPhone.

Though by this, we can’t say that Apple doesn’t have enterprise gain. Who will know better than we public that where a company stand.

Some insiders revealed that Apple has been pleasantly surprised by the strength of iPad in Enterprise and seems to be benefiting from demand pull/halo effect of the iPad and iPhone with corporate customers. In addition, Apple is optimistic the large number of enterprise customer briefings it conducts will translate into additional corporate penetration.

So Apple is not only the love of few section of wealthy people but now it has penetrated to the corporate world.

Seeing this Apple might develop new programs and applications that profit the corporate.

Steps has been taken, have to see how long it proceeds.


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