Apple Gives Samsung A List Of Alternate Designs

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You must be living in some place like Mars or Krypton if you are unaware of feud comprising of various lawsuits and counter-lawsuits that is going on between Apple and Samsung.

This feud is taking a new turn with Apple giving a list to Samsung about some alternatives that would have made Samsung’s gadgets different from Apple’s gadgets and would not have violated the patents of Apple. This feud started when the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab were banned in Australia after the judge of a federal court agreed with Apple that the design on Galaxy Tab was similar to iPad. The ban was later lifted but earlier this week, one week extension was imposed on it which is expected to be over on 9 December 2011.

Following are some of the recommendations that Apple has made for Samsung’s smartphones.

1. Front Surface that should not be black.

2. Overall shape that should not rectangular.

3. It should not have rounded corners.

4. Display screens should not be centered on the front face and have substantial lateral borders.

5. Speaker slots should not be horizontal.

6. Front surfaces with substantial adornment.

7. There should not be any front bezel at all.

Following recommendations were made for Samsung’s Tablet.

1. Overall shape should not be rectangular.

2. The Tablet should not have rounded corners.

3. There should be thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface.

4. Front surface should not be entirely flat.

5. Tablet should have profiles that are not thin.

6. The Tablet should have a cluttered appearance.

Samsung has lost various legal battles against Apple. Samsung is also seeking a ban on the sales of Apple products in Australia and many other countries. A petition by Samsung against Apple in Australia is expected to come up for hearing in March 2012. It would be interested to see how Samsung responds to this list.

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