Apple goes even greener

cyclelist_recycling20090810“A lot of companies publish how green their building is, but it doesn’t matter if you’re shipping millions of power-hungry products with toxic chemicals in them,” – These are the words of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, in a statement for a newly launched green campaign from Apple, which attempts to make sure that investors focus on the level of environmental friendliness in Apple’s products, instead of just their facilities and production methods. The company claims to always have been in the lead of environmentally friendly products, but that many don’t actually take notice of that. According to Apple, there are many companies which focus on the environment, which deserve more credit for their effort in the battle against greenhouse gasses.

“It’s like asking a cigarette company how green their office is.”
– says Mr. Jobs, who thinks the media should focus on the initiative, instead of warm promises.

The expanded environmental section on Apple, also addresses product use and life cycle impact and provides easily understandable numbers for the amount of green house gasses emitted by each step in a product life cycle process at Apple, such as manufacturing, transportation, product use, recycling and facilities. There are also listed an environmental report for each of their hardware products, so users and investors can see the statistics themselves. Furtheremore, Apple intends to keep us updated on their efforts through the recently added news page in their environmental section.

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