Apple going to reveal Newspaper sub plan this week

We have been hearing a lot about Apple adding newspapers app in iPad. Now the latest revealing comes about the subscription plans for newspapers to expected this week,. Hope it will be true! It was reported that a tech giant will rolls out an innovative plan which will add in some serious cash to boost sales of the iPad.

According to reports, Apple is anticipated to take a 30 percent share of subscription revenue as well as 40 percent of advertising. It was heard that the subscriptions sold through iTunes will be digital only and the papers will not be allowed to do deals for both digital and print editions.

If you are planning for subscription then the prices are estimated to be $7.99 – 9.99 per month and include a morning and evening edition of each paper. We’ll have to wait and see which newspapers come on board first.

Well by seeing at the newspaper revenues over the last few years, hope they are trying almost anything to work.


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