Apple, Google, Intel, And Others Fail To Avoid Antitrust Suit

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You must be remembering the allegations that Apple is facing with various tech giants about secret deal between them that would refrain them from hiring employees of each other. Now Apple is going face the brunt of this secret deal with many tech giants.

Apple, Google, Intel and four other tech giants have failed to convince a judge to dismiss an antitrust suit that was brought against them. The suit alleged that the companies conspired against hiring each other’s employees and District Judge Lucy Koh in her decision said:

“The fact that all six identical bilateral agreements were reached in secrecy among seven defendants in a span of two years suggests that these agreements resulted from collusion, and not from coincidence,”

Apple, Google, and Intel are the three largest firms in the suit. Other major companies in this suit are Adobe, Lucasfilm, Pixar and Intuit.

The class-action lawsuit was started by five software engineers who accused these companies of conspiring to limit pay and job mobility by eliminating competition for labor.

A 2007 email trail involving the late Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt added further credence to the allegations made by software engineers. In the email, Jobs wrote to Schmidt regarding Google’s apparent effort to recruit an Apple engineer.

“I would be very pleased if your recruiting department would stop doing this,” Jobs wrote Schmidt

Schmidt responded to that mail by asking Google staff members if they could “get this stopped.” The employee responsible for trying to recruit the engineer was soon fired. Google’s staffing director asked Schmidt to “Please extend my apologies as appropriate to Steve Jobs.”

This certainly spells trouble for the 7 tech companies who will have to defend themselves when the trial begins in June 2013. Hopefully these revelations will put a stop to such practices against engineers and developers.

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