Apple Starts Hiring In Israel

Israel Flag

After being welcomed by the Prime Minister of Israel for choosing Israel as business destination, Apple has started a recruitment drive in Israel.

Apple has posted listings around the Internet for a Technical Recruiter based in Israel. This signifies that the Cupertino-based company is kicking off a hiring drive in Israel.

The main goal of the individual in that position will be to get involved in “identifying, engaging and securing world-class candidates for Apple in Israel”. We can also presume that the person holding this position would also have to work for the growth Apple’s operations in Israel. The position asks for quite a bit of recruiting experience, particularly in the engineering, hardware, and semiconductor industries. The person holding this position will also need to deal with “hiring ramps of 20+ vacancies”. This again signifies the probability of a significant team headed to Israel.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said in the past that as well as Apple is doing here in the US and overseas in Europe, the biggest potential for growth is in developing tech nations like Israel and other countries in the Middle East. Seems like Apple is set to grow bigger and bigger in near future.

Nobody knows whether this recruitment drive is for Research and Development Center or some new venture.

Source: TUAW

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