Apple Hits Back At Italian Warranty Police

Italy Fines Apple

Earlier this week, we reported that the Italian government had threatened Apple with another fine – “and possible temporary closure of its operations in Italy” – if Apple did not amend its warranty policy to comply with the law of European Union (EU).

Some of you may recall that Italian antitrust authorities already succeeded at forcing Apple to pay $1.2 million in fines after the Cupertino, California-based company lost an appeal in March 2012.

Earlier this week, Reuters noted that additional fines and other punishments would be levied if Apple did not offer customers a free two-year warranty as demanded by Italian law.

The AGCM said in its monthly bulletin that Apple was continuing to adopt unfair commercial practices in Italy and noted this could eventually lead to the closure of its Italian operations for up to 30 days.

Apple, however, believes itself to be on the right side of the matter and will challenge Italy’s warranty police with another appeal. An Apple representative responded by saying:

“We have appealed the recent decision of the (Italian) court as it was, in our view, based upon an incorrect interpretation of the law. We have introduced a number of measures to address the Italian competition authority concerns and we disagree with their latest complaint.”

Even though Apple’s Italian website still boasts of free two-year warranty coverage (including a variety of consumer protection measures), Italian regulators believe that the warranty and its level of exposure are inadequate to meet local laws.

Source: Modmyi

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