Apple hitting Google’s core business.

The war between Google and Apple never new to us. No doubt both the company is at best at their respective field. But the fact is that Apple has always been in limelight be it with the limelight, iPad, iPod or Apple TV or the issues related to its products.

Now the whole issue is that The App Store is replacing the web search engine for mobile device users, at least for some searches. This should scare Google, because search is its core business, and it’s being supplanted.

The factor behind this is ascertained to be thousands of iPad owners have been paying money for third-party Facebook apps, which shows there will be no implication for Google here.

If App Stores are going to intercept at least some web searches, Google stands to be less important for those queries and users.

And, additionally, that Google really can’t afford for Android to bomb.

Thus Google is in a stage of unstability as some part of it’s business will be taken away by Apple. Thus, Apple giving challenge to one of the pioneer in web searches engine business.


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