Apple imposing banned on iPhone Clone Maker Meizu (production and end Sales)

The most notorious iPhone knock-off at all is the Meizu M, which looks virtually identical to the Apple iPhone. Now Apple has imposed banned on iPhone Clone Maker Meizu in production and end Sales.

Earlier Meizu CEO Jack Wong has laughed that the new iPod Touch looks just like their upcoming Meizu M9II Android smartphone. According to Wong, Meizu is now being forced by Cupertino’s lawyers to stop selling the M8 and it might be enough to put the company under.

It seems Apple has seemingly gone straight to the Intellectual Property Office and demanded a sales and production freeze of the Meizu M8 smartphone based on its uncanny similarity to the appearance of the iPhone.

According to Wong, this could be devastating to the company as it prepares to launch its M9 Android smartphone, a refreshingly non-infringing phone:

“I can cope with a production freeze, but not with having our shops closed and thus not being able to use up our inventory. If Apple and the provincial IPO take another insatiable step, I can only go head to head against them.”

The M8 looks like it does to confuse people who want an iPhone into buying it, end of story. Wong should have never tried to launch a legitimate smartphone business on the back of a product so obviously legally vulnerable.

[Via Engadget]

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