Apple In-store Event Begins

The iPhone upgrade event has officially begun, as the company started to send out email to qualified iPhone users to exchange their iPhone for a new one. The email was sent to iPhone 4s users with a title “It’s a beautiful time for upgrade”

The emails informed the users on exchanging their iPhones to ‘recycle’ and receive a maximum of $199 for buying an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c under this special program.

“It’s a beautiful time for an upgrade. You may be eligible for upgrade pricing on a new iPhone. And if you bring in your old iPhone to be recycled, you could get credit toward a new one. Ask us for details.”

Since this event is corresponding to the existing trade-in strategy prevailing since August, Apple must have planned to offer more to the users in order to differentiate the current initiative, and eventually make the event a success.

It goes unsaid that Apple has rigorous promotion tactics and incentive programs lined up with the focus of maximizing in-store sales of the iPhone.

We’ll soon be updating promotional offers being offered by third party sellers to match up to the trade-in initiative of Apple. Best Buy is already poised up giving a higher discount than the usual numbers, their updated trade-in amount is a maximum of $200 for an older iPhone but lesser than Apple, for iPhone 4s they are giving $150 whereas for an iPhone its $100 which is same to that of Apple.

Currently, the emphasis is to bump up to improve the sales ratio of 80:20 between third-party sellers to that of Apple Stores respectively.

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