Apple Introduces VIP Discounts For iBooks Publishers

Apple VIP Discounts

Are you a publisher at iBooks? This is a good news for you.

Apple is offering hefty discounts to some (possibly all) iBooks publishers as part of a new iTunes VIP program. Information is still developing on this front.

These discounts have been made available through iTunes Connect. They appear to be exclusive to the iBooks program. Discounts range from $500 off the base Mac Pro down to $60 off the base mini. As with previous programs of this nature, Apple places a limit on the kinds and quantity of hardware affected. The discount is for two Mac computers, two iPods (which appear to include iPads, etc.) and one Apple TV.

Apple VIP Discounts

It is not clear whether Apple will extend these discounts to its App Store members as well, although that was a benefit for the Select and Premier programs until they were more or less discontinued a few years ago.

Source: TUAW

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