Apple iPad gets another company in the form of Dell

Here Apple’s iPad has got another competitor in the form of Dell. It seems Dell is planning a second tablet computer, this one with a 7” screen. Recently we heard of Amazon and other netbook/notebook maker interested in making Pad devices. I think the competition is going be tough but at the same time it would be difficult to match the standards of iPad and also the sales record.

Dell CEO Michael Dell on Wednesday reveals the news while addressing Oracle’s OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco, that the company will be releasing a second tablet to join the 5” Android-based Streak. While Dell declined to give details about the device such as price or release date, insiders believe the new tab will have a 7” touchscreen. The new device is believe to be sale for $550 or $300 with a two-year AT&T contract.

Who knows when the Dell device becomes available then there could also be a smaller iPad ready to hit the market?


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