Apple iPad release iOS 4.2 to developers

The latest update from Apple shows the released of beta version of the iOS 4.2 software to developers. It seems the final version of the operating system is expected to be made available to all iPad users in November.

Earlier this month, Steve Jobs unveiled details of the iOS 4.2 update at Apple’s music. He said that the update would bring some of the features previously only available on the iPhone and iPod touch to the popular iPad.
Now we got the iOS 4.2 update which brings folders to the iPad, allowing users to organise up to 20 similarly-themed apps in to single named folders. Even iPhone and iPod touch users can only have 12 apps in a folder.

Moreover the iPad users can also change the default font of the iPad’s Notes program, choosing between the default script. The Notes program helps the notes to look as they have been written using a marker pen, to the Helvetica and Chalkboard fonts.


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