Apple is about to release new keyboard and mouse

This Friday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a document, confirming that a new wireless mouse and keyboard from Apple is about to come.

Engadget discovered the document, which revealed the new Apple keyboard with model number A1314 and an Apple Mouse with model number A1197. The document also included a dimension picture of the new keyboard, which is smaller than the one that is currently available from Apple.

Furthermore, several reports suggest a new multitouch mouse from Apple, which features several improvements from the current MightyMouse. The new coming Apple mouse will potentially be housed in an aluminum shell, but that is just guessing from different fronts. The new mouse is also expected to throw away the problematic mechanical roller ball, and it is here the multitouch technology will do its work.
According to AppleInsider, Steve Jobs has been leading the development of the upcoming mouse, and it isn’t known if it is called MightyMouse or something completely different.

The new Apple mouse is expected to be released simultaneous to the release of the expected new iMac lineup.

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