Apple is Conducting a King Size Event in Retail Stores

apple_store_employees1Apple is organizing a king-size iPhone event in its retail stores this week. The initiative is an a attempt to boost up sales which is comprehended as the iPhone upgrade event. Beginning May 8th, Apple retail staff will be emailing qualified iPhone users for an iPhone update to the stores. The event will allow consumers to shift up their existing generation of iPhone to the latest one, apparently to a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.

According to a source, this initiative gels pleasantly to that of Apple’s—Store based iPhone hardware trade-in strategy. The strategy permits consumers to exchange their old iPhone to buy a new generation of iPhone at a discounted price. To make this strategy more persuasive, Apple has increased the buyback prices of iPhone under trade-in program.

The drive will be conducted in multiple stores across the United States and Apple is estimating a heavy traffic to their stores based on the the heavy traffic witnessed during a new product launch.

Apple is making all necessary arrangements to making this event successful, thereby taking care of the complete training required in making the event a favorable one for the company. The in-store crew will be given appropriate briefing regarding the initiative in the following days, additionally, sources say that Apple is working aggressively on formulating new marketing initiatives to improve sales volume of iPhone in their retail stores.

For Angela Ahrendts, who has just joined Apple as Sr. Vice President, Retail & Online Stores, this initiative could be a head-start to understand the cult of Apple, She is expected to supervise the event with the assistance of other Apple retail executives.

Few weeks back we saw Apple’s report on iPhone sales for Q2014, stating that the iPhone is still a majorly sold product for them. This week’s initiative will provide a thrust to the upcoming sales battle plans and continue to oil the wheels of future sales tactics. All new programs have been designed in such a way that they facilitate the gross reach for the forthcoming sales strategies.

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