Apple issues inaccurate podcast charts due to manipulation


Apple fixes an issue of the problem over the weekend. This causes iTunes Podcast where charts in the Podcasts app displays inaccurate rankings. Business Insider highlights the issue today has explained numerous podcasts. Thus by pushing down the charts is with low-reviewed podcasts.

Inaccurate Podcast Charts

For instance, the Serial podcast is ever popularly released with weekly episodes part of Season 3. Thus with a 26th spot of the iTunes Podcast charts overtakes real estate, fitness, and business podcasts. With rankings hence been noticed first over the weekend. For example, Serial which just came out is with a new season. Thus one of the most popular podcasts down the charts —as low as No. 26 on Monday.

At the top is newer, lesser podcast reviews where — “Bulletproof Real Estate is With Andy Dane Carter” No. 1 shows about work out and business, typical subject matter with top podcasts.

Today, however, the iTunes Podcast charts were normal. Thus at the top is with a Serial spot, by Joe Rogan’s show which follows. Apple thus comments on the shifts. This is mysterious in Podcast which ranks and blames the issue with manipulation widespread.

We do our own digging into the charts and where one has a highly unusual amount of manipulation in recent days,” said Dave Zohrob, founder of Charitable, a startup collects data on the podcast industry.

Thus with one thought suggestive on Twitter “click farms” runs rampant to iTunes Podcast rankings. Discover Pods notes as little as $50, click farms guarantees you a spot in the top 20 on iTunes.


Ultimately, Apple comments on the bizarre shift where Podcast ranks, is unclear which is ever will. As Business Insider notes, this only “underscores the ultimate power is where Apple in the industry which gives the fact owns the main platform.”

Hence to conclude the above-known fact is where Apple issues podcast charts inaccurate with manipulation where Apple issues.