Apple iTV Coming In 2012?

Apple iTV

Digitimes is back with gossip about Apple and this time it is about the rumored TV set that Apple might be manufacturing. Seems like they chose a good time to circulate their rumor as the rumor of Apple buying TV components from a major supplier is still going strong.

Will it come in 2012 or not? Nobody knows as Apple is not even acknowledging whether they have plans to make such device.

According to a report by randomly accurate technology news website Digitimes, it appears highly unlikely that Apple will release its rumored integrated Apple TV set in the second quarter of 2012. Industry sources claim that Sharp is not in a position to ship the Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) panels that are required by Apple.

Apple reportedly has sought to source IGZO panels from Sharp for the production of iTVs as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which unveiled their 55-inch Super OLED and AMOLED TV models, respectively, at CES, both have regarded OLED TVs are their killer products for 2012, and therefore the two Korea-based companies are unlikely to share OLED panel production capacities with Apple.

Digitimes has claimed that Sharp are able to produce 32, 46 and even 55-inch panels at the moment. However, yield rates in this course of action are still the major concern.

Source: iMore

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