Apple Counters Kodak’s Claim To The Ownership Of Digital Photography Patents

Kodak Apple

We reported earlier that Kodak had planned to sue Apple, claiming Apple violated the patents related to digital photography.

There are rumors that Kodak is going to be bankrupt soon and is trying get some money from Apple by filing this lawsuit. Kodak has a lot to lose in this lawsuit.

However, Apple has countered Kodak’s claims.

Apple has urged a bankruptcy court to block Kodak from obtaining loans using certain patents as collateral. Apple has argued that it believes the disputed Kodak patents actually belong to Apple.

According to a filing, submitted to the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York, Apple stated that Kodak was seeking authority to “enter into a $950 million post-petition financing facility secured by security interests in and liens upon substantially all of Kodak’s assets, including certain patents that are subject to ongoing patent ownership and patent infringement disputes between Kodak and Apple.”

Apple claimed that Kodak has sued many companies like Samsung, JVC, LG and Sony and “claims to have reached a royalty-bearing licensing agreements with these companies”.

Source: Apple Insider

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