Apple ‘Lost’ For Words!

It seems not a day goes by that we aren’t reminded of the Apple map debacle. The latest in a series of controversies came to light when the police in Victoria, Australia issued a public warning vehemently advising motorists not to rely on Apple’s homegrown maps for directions to a town called Mildura, as a location error left them stranded 45 miles away from location. The police in fact went as far as calling the app ‘potentially Life-threatening’.
Apple has since reportedly fixed this error, but there is no denying that the incident has left egg on the face of the otherwise impeccable Cupertino based company. At least Apple is taking onus this time and admitting its mistake, rather than shift blame elsewhere, as it did in the rather infamous antennagate issue a few years back, where it blamed users for holding the phone the ‘wrong’ way for loss of signal, rather than admit a design flaw.
Here’s hoping Apple puts an end to the apple maps fiasco once and for all. Until then we may be a lot safer finding our way with a compass than with Apple maps.

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