Apple Lowers Refund Time To Improve Online Sales and Customer Satisfaction


A comforting update for customers who purchase Apple products online, reports Reuters. Apple has condensed the refund processing time from 10 days to a less than a week for items purchased online. This new policy will be executed by using an expedited shipping mode to send devices back to the company for return.

According to retail-intelligence firm StellaService, Apple moved to FedEx 2Day service last November during the shopping season and continued to use that service, in-spite of the high upfront cost incidental to the faster shipping method. Certainly, customers will not spend any additional costs for Apple having switched to FedEx as noted by a source.

StellaService researchers first noted the improvement in refund processing times in November, but chalked it up to a temporary measure for the busy holiday season. The company, which orders items from Apple’s website several times a day for research purposes, also discovered that packages were stamped with FedEx 2Day, rather than a Newgistics prepaid label.

Apple’s long-lasting practice of keeping the customer in the epicenter has borne amazing results for the company. CEO Tim Cook has often said that Apple does not have a profits first policy, but instead strive on delivering a quality experience to its customers.

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