Apple MacBooks Top Consumer Reports Rankings, 11 Inch MacBook Air Also Included

Apple MacBooks has topped every consumer Reports laptop category. 11-inch MacBook Air also top the small laptop section follow by Gateway in second and HP in third.

Apple MacBooks have topped every Consumer Reports laptop category, according to a report by The Loop.

Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air scored a 62 out of 100 taking the top spot in the small laptop section. Scoring a 56, Gateway came in second while HP came in third with a 49.

The 13-inch model category was even worse for Apple’s competition. Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro took the top five of seven spots with Sony and Asus taking the final two.

The 15-inch category was much closer with Apple MacBook Pro taking the top three spots, but the competition did come in at just three points behind.

The 17-inch category was another big win for Apple. The MacBook Pro took the top two spots with the competition sharing the other six.

The report can only be accessed by paying Consumer Reports subscribers. The cost of a subscription is $5.95 monthly or $26 yearly.

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