Apple Makes it to Top 20 Best Brand List

Macsimum News reports that Apple has moved 4 four places up in the ‘Best Global Brands’ list. The top three has Coca Cola, IBM and Microsoft as the best brands. But from the 24th place comes Apple and climbs up to the 20th place. With a 12% growth in brand value it is the second best growing company with Google on the first place with 25%. Interbrand pegged Apple’s “brand” at a value of $US15.4 billion.

“The recession won’t take a bite out of this Apple. Declining Mac sales and fears for the company’s future without brand visionary Steve Jobs, were outweighed by record high iPod sales, doubling sales for the iPod Touch, and all-time high market share for Mac OS software. Price might be a barrier for cost-conscious consumers, but Apple responded quickly with high margin, low-priced products like the US $99 iPhone and a new, voice-activated iPod Shuffle. The Apple brand is the most supported within its industry, and among the most iconic of relatively young brands in the world.”

You can watch the entire “Best Brand” list at

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