Apple manipulate Jailbreakers, upload Apple website instead of Cydia [Jailbroken devices]

Apple always trying to tuck jailbreakers and this time they are doing it by trying to block the jailbreak App Store Cydia in all of their Stores. Apple had tried to block jailbreakers by changing how their iOS handles memory and they also made changes to their mobile iOS in general.Well this particular technique hasn’t worked and now they are trying to make things even more difficult for anyone that has jailbroken their iDevice.

According to the iPhone Download Blog:

“if you have a jailbroken your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and trying to access Cydia using an Apple Store’s WiFi you are going to find that instead of loading Cydia what is actually going to happen is that the Apple website is going to load. “

Apple attitude towards jailbreakers won’t make any difference at all to all the jailbreak community because probably there is plenty of other ways to get the Cydia App Store.

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