Apple May Have Edge Over Others In The Classroom Computing Race

Blackboard iPad

It seems like the position of iPad may become stronger in the education system, thanks to the popularity of the tablet among teens. According to a recent report on AllThingsD, investment firm Piper Jaffray surveyed 18 public school IT managers about their future tablet plans.

Researchers discovered that 78% of them were testing iPads and/or ChromeBooks (with 6% of them saying they were testing Android tablets).

This appears to be good news for both Apple as well as Google, even though it is more favorable for Apple. The IT managers in the schools are ultimately not the deciding factors in which device will be ultimately deployed in their schools. Much like in the enterprise world, many schools are considering a “bring your own device” policy as a way to foster a one-to-one device per student ratio. With the belief of a “bring your own device” policy being the best way to achieve a one-to-one ratio and given the iPad’s market share among teens (roughly 70% of teen tablet owners owned iPads), this definitely spells good news for Apple.

Apple has already tried to pave its way into the education market with the release of iBooks 2.0 and iBooks Author. The Cupertino (California)-based company seems to be slowly trying to appeal to the education market but seemed to have a hard time breaking the barrier. With news of schools looking into a “bring your own device” policy and current teen demographics, it seems like Apple’s iPad is most likely to have edge over other tablets as far as students’ choice is concerned.

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