Apple Projected To Sell 35 Million iPhones In China Next Year

iPhone China

First Apple CEO Tim Cook visited China. Then Foxconn planned to expand workforce to meet target set by Apple regarding iPhone production.

This shows that China is clearly an integral part of Apple’s business model and enterprise goals for the remainder of the decade.

That is why, with each passing month more and more Wall Street analysts join the list of believers who think that Apple will see iPhone sales explode through the roof next year. This past Monday, another prominent “believer” spoke his mind.

In a note issued to investors on Monday, Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore says 2013 will be a huge year for iPhone sales in China. His note today was titled as “iPhone is just getting started in China.”

Whitmore wrote:

“In 1Q, we estimate Apple has captured less than 15% share of China Unicom and China Telecom’s combined 3G subscriber base. Over the next few years, we expect Apple to benefit from strong 3G sub growth at these two partners while continuing its path of share gains. If Apple reaches 20-25% penetration of this subscriber base by the end of 2013, we estimate iPhone unit sales in China would approach ~25M units in 2012 and ~35M units in 2013. Any benefit from a future partnership with China Mobile would be additive to these estimates.”

If selling 35 Million iPhones in China becomes a target for Apple, how long do you think it would take Apple to achieve this target given the high popularity of Apple products in China? Post your comments.

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