Apple May Take Find My Friends To The Next Level With iOS 6

Find My Friends

Apple debuted Find My Friends last fall during their iPhone 4S event. Similar to Google’s Latitude service, Find My Friends uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and Wi-Fi triangulation to track the locations of its members.

However, the response that Find My Friends received was not as huge as Apple expected. But it appears that now Apple is looking to change that in iOS 6, with a new geofencing notification system…

Macworld pointed to the interesting new feature, which can be found on Apple’s iOS 6 website:

“And with iOS 6, you can get location-based alerts — like when your kids leave school or arrive home. Find My Friends can also notify others about your location, so you can stay connected or keep track of the ones you love.”

This is nice. Just imagine that you are a working parent with young children who walk home from school or a local bus stop every day. It would be be nice to get a push notification, assuring you that kids are home, safe and sound?

In another situation, suppose your daughter is making a long drive back to college after a recent visit. It would be relieving to get an alert on your phone or tablet, letting you know she made it home ok.

Apple should market this feature in one way or another when it becomes available this fall because this is really good.

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