Apple Made Most Ridiculous Inspirational Corporate Film In History

The video that you saw here is the most bizarre corporate morale boosting video ever put to celluloid.

The video has been titled “1944” is a WWII-themed short film Apple produced to inspire employees during a corporate retreat in Hawaii in 1984. Craig Elliot, Former Apple employee and current CEO of Pertino Networks, supplied NetworkWorld with the video. Elliot claimed that to his knowledge, the video had never been shown outside of the retreat.

The only proof it even existed were two snippets from the video that appear in a photo montage tribute made by Apple employees to celebrate Steve Jobs’ 30th birthday.

The $50,000 production goes to great lengths to challenge criticisms that Apple’s Macintosh lacked software (which it did) by including purported pledges from Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Mitch Kapor of Lotus Development Corp.

Steve Jobs playing Franklin Delano Roosevelt in this video is the icing on this very tall and expensive cake. Jobs even copies FDR’s signature cigarette holder.

Source: Modmyi

Video Source (with full 9-Minute Video): Network World

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