Apple, Motorola Discuss Xoom In Düsseldorf Courtroom

Apple Motorola

Apple and Motorola’s legal battle over various patents is dominating the world of patents, just the way, few months ago, the legal battle between Apple and Samsung was dominating. Even at that time, Apple-Motorola feud in German courts always attracted attention.

Earlier this week, Apple and Motorola finally got to face each other in a German courtroom in Düsseldorf, according to reports from Dow Jones. In this case, the two tech giants were arguing over Motorola’s Xoom tablet. Apple said that it was too similar to the iPad. However, the judge in the courtroom meeting, apparently suggested that the Xoom’s shape clearly made it different. Motorola’s counsel supported that argument.

Apple and Motorola have gone back and forth on this and other arguments about patents worldwide.At this point, it is not so much an argument of who is actually right. Nobody can predict whose patents would stand and whose patents would not stand. A ruling in this case, in Germany, is to be delivered by the judge on 31 May 2012.

Source: TUAW

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