Apple needs to know “Creative Ads comes of freedom”.

Creativity comes when you are free to experiment with your skills without any interference. Ads executives of agencies charged Apple of having tight control over the creative Ads processes, which delays the launch of the Ads campaigns in iAds network.

Apple has about 17 of Ads partners in the iAds networks like the Unilever PLC and Nissan Co., Citigroup Inc., Walt Disney Co. and J.C. Penney Co. and they are complaining of delays in getting their Ads to market. Apple has kept tight control on the creative aspects of ad-making, something advertisers aren’t used to.

‘It’s a huge issue having Apple in the creative mix,’ said Patrick Moorhead, director of mobile platforms at DraftFCB, an ad agency owned by Interpublic Group.

It’s the marketers who are suffering because with every seconds of delay, thousand of money is being wasted.

Now Apple Inc. has to take a decision whether their iAds network runs in a proper way with the Ad experts in the floor or stand to maintain the control over the ad- making processes and keep the marketers waiting for their product’s Ads.


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