Apple Built New SoHo Staircase With Giant Panes Of Glass

Glass Store SoHo Staircase

Last year, Apple unveiled a new, streamline Fifth Avenue cube that reduced the number of glass panes from 90 to 15. This year, Apple Retail revamped the SoHo store.

The revamped store has an extensive expansion into space that was once occupied by a United States Post Office.

Along with adding more sales space, Apple’s architects redesigned the famous glass staircase. Apple first unveiled the glass staircase design at the SoHo location in 2002. This design has now made its way to dozens of high-profile stores.

With the SoHo redesign, Apple has redesigned iconic staircase the way it redesigned Fifth Avenue Cube. Apple has built a 30-foot long, zig-zagging single pane of glass. The sides are made out of 5 single sheets of glass laminated together.

Source: Mac Rumors

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