Apple news traffic grows for many publishers, but not with revenue being non-existent

Apple focused with Apple News which recently reported from Slate diving into some state of struggles with the publishers with the platform. Hence the report explains viewership being increased with Apple News, then publishers might struggle to monetize the growing viewership.

Hence to state, a fact Slate explains “sources at several news outlets” with their Apple News, which has audience being multiplied in 2018, who has been putting it alongside with Facebook and Google in terms of traffic sources:

With several news being at the outset being said, seen with their being on an audience on Apple News, which multiplies in 2018 alone. Hence being a factor, which has become one of their top traffic sources,  with alongside Facebook and Google. At Slate, discloses the data from the story, with a page viewed on Apple News have roughly tripled since September 2017, which surpassed Facebook as a driver of readership.

Hence with the fact on the other side, however, Google and Facebook will be sending readers which directly goes to the publisher’s website whereas Apple News does not. Thus Apple News had been keeping the publisher content with its own application, with ads being hard to come by. Hence with most of the past 2 years where Apple News had an exclusive partnership who has with NBC Universal sells ads within the Apple News.

Chris Schieffer, Slate’s Senior Product Manager, has said where Slate makes virtually no money from Apple News with audience skyrocketing. With one back-of-the-envelope being calculated startled me: Slate making more money from a single article hence gets 50,000 page views on its site which has from the 54 million page views on Apple News this calendar year.

With the signs of Apple looked upon to change this, is rather tough. In May, it has been announced that the publishers have been able to use Google’s Double Click serving ads in Apple News. Apple thus pays some original content in the News app, reporting which suggests the company hence being planned for an all-in-one subscription service which includes news and magazines.

The key for Apple thus goes to be turning Apple News with a revenue-generating platform for publishers before that publisher loses interest.