Apple, no contract offer for iPhone in the US

I always prefer device which provides better options so that I can switch to another network which offer better service but our comrade of iPhone 4 users in US seems to have lesser option without AT&T.

According to the Apple website, it appears like US users no longer have the option to purchase an iPhone at no commitment pricing. In the US, AT&T is the exclusive carrier. A lot of users prefer to purchase a phone at no commitment price and unlock it for use on T-Mobile. The AT&T websites still seems to be offering the no commitment price for the iPhone. Apparently you must purchase a no commitment iPhone in store. To be frank still I didn’t able to grasp what AT&T trying to convey through this.

AT&T states that they have not made any policy changes on their end so is that just the new reality for Apple in a post world. There are so many factories offering unlocked iPhone 4 in most countries outside the US now and even you can buy online. In USA there is still a big concern about unlocked iPhone 4 because you still need AT&T carriers.

I guess very soon we can hear some change in AT&T policy towards its users. Sorry guys there are not so many options that your iPhone can be happy without AT&T.

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