Apple now believes in interactive iAds, shuts Quattro.

Quattro wireless network will no longer have the responsibility to carry out conventional mobile banner ad as stated by Andy Miller, Apple’s vice president of iAd. Now the responsibility will be trusted on Apple’s own iAd network.
The iAd network is more attractive to me as it is interactive in nature. This might be the reason that Steve Jobs took the decision to close Quattro.
One of the major reasons would also be the Advertisers. They are seeing a huge spike in the amount of time customers spend watching and interacting with ads, making them more comparable to television advertising than traditional online ads, and developers are thrilled with this new source of revenue.

Lastly, Mr. Miller says that Apple is looking forward to work on with the people in this incredible ads campaign.
In business what I see is people acts smart otherwise there in no business at all. Well done!
Apple must be appreciated with all those decisions makings. This is solely my views.

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