Apple offers coding sessions freely throughout Europe at EU Code Week

Apple offers over 2000 completely free charge coding sessions during EU code week, runs October 6-21 at least one free session every day in Apple throughout Europe.

Coding sessions are designed for customers of all ages. Thus with the skill levels include hands-on experiences and sessions covering topics such as – “How to get start with coding”?

Schools and coding organizations run Swift workshop during EU code week. This includes “Incredible Code Machine” with Swift Playground app designed for entry-level coders.

Per the statement of Tim Cook says:
A critical skill gives people a chance of sharing their ideas. With Apple to be coding as the language of the future, created a range of tools. This not only makes fun and accessible to everyone. Thus thrilled with the offer, thousands of sessions in Apple stores for EU Code, cannot wait to share our code with young people and educators across Europe.

In addition to Apple’s year-round sessions as a part of coding, as part of Today at Apple initiative, were free coding sessions at Apple Stores. Thus the iPhone maker over 75000 attendees took part more than 14,000 sessions of coding. Hence Apple stores came across Europe in the past year.

Hence with 267 institutions, teaches about Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum with Swift. Thus EU code generates grassroots aims to bring coding and digital literacy where there is a fun and engaging way.

Hence with the above-said point hint sourced out from 9to5mac, noted that these kinds of sessions enhances developers with their skills of coding and upgrades their knowledge within the Apple base.